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Jinergy Awarded “Annual Golden Leopard Award for Leading Enterprise in Photovoltaic Technology”

On October 23, the 3rd HJT Industry Chain Forum for Collaborative Innovation and Breakthrough was held in Beijing. Photovoltaic industry experts, business representatives and other guests gathered to exchange views on the development trend of HJT and other topics. At the forum, Jinergy won the “Annual Golden Leopard Award for Leading Enterprise in Photovoltaic Technology” for its high quality and efficient photovoltaic products and outstanding performance in product R&D.

With accelerated arrival of the era of photovoltaic grid parity, a variety of cost-reducing and efficiency-enhancing solutions have been put forward in the photovoltaic industry. Following PERC, N-type cells begin to receive more and more attention and recognition in the industry. Among various N-type cells, HJT cell has become a high-profile hotspot technology in the photovoltaic industry due to its advantages such as high efficiency potential, large cost reduction space and short technological process.

As a leading enterprise in promoting HJT mass production, Jinergy has always adhered to the core strategy of technological iteration. Jinergy has realized the pilot production as early as 2017. The average efficiency of Jinergy’s ultra-high-efficiency HJT mass production has now reached 23.85% and is expected to reach 24.2% by the end of this year.

It is reported that Jinergy’s latest HJT module adopts the M6 wafer and, combined with MBB and half-cut technologies, its front side power output can reach 510W, and based on the bifaciality of 93%, its integrated power output can reach 570W. And in order to solve the HJT cost problem, Jinergy has carried out cost reduction from the aspects of conductive silver paste, ITO target materials and velvet additive and more.

Jinergy said that the Company’s successful winning of the “Annual Golden Leopard Award for Leading Enterprise in Photovoltaic Technology” was a great affirmation to the Company’s continuous technological innovation and R&D and its active promotion of the photovoltaic technology development. The Company will always adhere to the technological strategy of iterative development, vigorously make layout of efficient product technology, further reduce LCOE, and promote the process of grid parity.