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Jinergy Focuses on the Development of Green Energy and Contributes to the Energy Revolution

Recently, Shanxi Bureau of Energy issued the Provincial Plan Management Measures for Balance of Power Supply and Demand (hereinafter referred to as the “Measures”), explicitly stipulating that the renewable energy power generation such as wind, solar and biomass will be listed in the Class I category for priority power generation.

The Measures says we shall give priority to renewable energy power generation, optimize the energy structure and implement guaranteed acquisition policy for renewable energy power generation, encourage renewable energy power generation enterprises to participate in market transactions, increase the share of renewable energy power generation in terminal electricity consumption, and promote the sustained and sound development of renewable energy.

The low-carbon development of energy is vital to the future of mankind. As the first whole province transformation and reform pilot zone and the first energy revolution pilot zone in China, Shanxi insists on reform-based orientation and make the first try to carry out energy supply-side structural reform and institutional reform, deepen reform of the electric power system and state-owned energy enterprises, vigorously develop clean energy, and accelerate the establishment of a green and diversified energy supply system, thus to have initially realized the multi-wheel-driven transformation from the single coal power to photovoltaic power, wind power and more.

In recent years, renewable energy, especially solar energy, has made a positive contribution to the energy revolution and the acceleration of energy transformation and upgrading, and attracted many enterprises to join the photovoltaic field. Among them, Jinergy, as a large state-owned photovoltaic manufacturing enterprise in Shanxi Province, has always adhered to the core strategy of technological iteration, and established an operation management and R&D team consisting of photovoltaic industry experts and outstanding talents from home and abroad, with sales footprints all over the world.

In addition, Jinergy is a manufacturer with profound HJT technology accumulation, and also a leader in promoting HJT mass production. At present, Jinergy’s average mass production efficiency has reached 23.85% and is expected to reach 24.2% by the end of this year. As more and more enterprises join in HJT, the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain become more and more involved. In the future, the production cost of HJT will be greatly reduced, and the photovoltaic LCOE will be dramatically reduced.

Jinergy continues to lead the industry progress with technological innovation and facilitate the transformation of the energy structure, which has helped Jinergy win high recognition in and out of the industry. In 2019 alone, Jinergy was successively honored the “Excellent Enterprise of Shanxi Province”, “Provincial Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise in 2019” and other awards, and was selected as a national green factory, thus becoming a benchmark enterprise in the field of photovoltaic green manufacturing. In the future, as more enterprises join in the photovoltaic field, it will promote the high-quality development of photovoltaic manufacturing technology and the industry, thus to make greater contributions to energy transformation and upgrading.