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Jinergy: Mass Production Efficiency of HJT Will Reach 24.2%

On August 27-28, the 2nd Heterojunction, Perovskite and Thin Film Solar Cell Forum was held in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. Several business elites and industry leaders gathered and conducted extensive and in-depth discussion on the development status of photovoltaic industry and the market prospect of heterojunction, perovskite and thin film solar cell. As the first manufacturer in China to realize mass production of HJT technology, Jinergy was invited to attend the forum. At the forum, WANG Jilei, HJT R&D Director of Jinergy, made a sharing themed by “Mass Production Technology of High-efficiency HJT Cells with a Conversion Efficiency Over 24%”.

As is known to all, high efficiency and low LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) are two important goals in the technological development process of photovoltaic industry. And HJT cell has become one of the main competitors of the next-generation mainstream technologies recognized in the industry due to its advantages of high photoelectric conversion efficiency, excellent performance, less technological processes and large room for cost reduction, thus to have attracted many enterprises to conduct layout in the field. As a leading enterprise in promoting mass production of HJT technology, Jinergy has been increasing investment and efforts in R&D. Average mass production efficiency of Jinergy’s super-high efficiency HJT cell has achieved 23.85% and is expected to reach 24.2% by the end of 2020.

In addition, the company has targeted at the hard problem of HJT industrialization and solved it through the breakthrough remolding design of amorphous silicon deposition, TCO deposition, metallization and other technologies. Jinergy’s Phase II 100MW HJT project has started production at the end of June this year. It is upgraded to M6 wafer: combined with MBB, half-cut and stitch welding technologies, the front side power output of the new HJT module can reach 510W, and based on the bifaciality of 93%, the integrated power can reach 570W.

At the forum, WANG Jilei said that the advantages of HJT technology were increasingly evident, and more and more practitioners in the industry were joining the new competition terrain of HJT. Jinergy has taken the lead in HJT technology by virtue of its advanced technical insight and powerful innovation drive.In the future, Jinergy will continue to improve product efficiency and yield through technological means such as process optimization, and continue to play a leading role in the large-scale mass production of HJT cells.