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Jinergy: Technological Innovation Accelerates Energy Reform and Transformation Development

On June 16, the 6th Solar Cell Paste and 5G Filter Paste Forum 2020 was successfully held in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. Several industry experts and representatives of photovoltaic companies from all over the country gathered and conducted in-depth discussion on hot issues in the industry, such as “the outlook on global and Chinese photovoltaic industry and the prospect of paste market”.At the forum, WANG Jilei, HJT R&D Director of Jinergy, shared the progress of high-efficiency HJT cell mass production technology and metallization process.

With the continuous growth of the photovoltaic market in recent years, photovoltaic technologies have been developed rapidly. As the leader of the new generation of high-efficiency photovoltaic cells, HJT solar cells have attracted great attention in the industry due to the multiple advantages, such as high conversion efficiency, large room for efficiency improvement, strong power generation capacity and fewer technological process. As one of the first manufacturers in China to commercialize HJT technology, Jinergy has been improving its technology R&D level, and continuing to use technological innovation to boost industry progress and promote industry transformation and upgrading.

At the forum, WANG Jilei, HJT R&D Director of Jinergy, shared the progress of the company’s high-efficiency HJT cell mass production technology.He said that through increasing investment and efforts in R&D, the average mass production efficiency of Jinergy’s super-high efficiency HJT cell has achieved 23.85% and is expected to reach 24.2% by the end of 2020.WANG also added, “At present, we have improved the product efficiency and yield steadily by optimizing silicon wafer, texturing, cleaning, metallization and other technological processes. For new HJT products with 166mm wafer, MBB and half-cut technology, bifaciality has reached up to 93% while the bifacial integrated power output has reached 530W.”

At present, under the upsurge of vigorously promoting the revolution in energy production and consumption and continuously promoting the innovation in energy technologies, Jinergy actively integrates into the energy revolution and vigorously develops clean energy. By insisting the technology strategy of iterative development, Jinergy has made breakthrough in cutting-edge technologies, which will contribute wisdom to the global energy transformation and upgrading.