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Jinergy Polycrystalline Product Included in the List of SII

Recently, Jinergy’s polycrystalline product passed the test of SII (The Standards Institution of Israel), and was successfully included in the list of SII.

According to the Standards Act of 1953, SII (The Standards Institution of Israel) is an official standards institution of Israel under the direct management of the Israeli government. It is responsible for standard formulation, certification and product testing and has very strict standards for product safety. Jinergy’s inclusion in the list of SII will shorten the inspection time of its polycrystalline products in the Israeli market and further enhance the influence of Jinergy in the Israeli market.

In recent years, while constantly improving the level of technology R&D, Jinergy has accurately grasped the market opportunities and actively explored the international market. At present, its photovoltaic module products have been exported to India, Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Ukraine, Singapore and other countries and regions, providing important empowerment for energy reform and high-quality development of the photovoltaic industry.