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Jinergy Included in the List of Qualified Suppliers for Photovoltaic Cell Module of State Power Investment Corporation

The State Power Investment Corporation (“SPIC” for short) recently released the qualification assessment results of photovoltaic cell module suppliers and officially published the list of qualified photovoltaic cell module suppliers. By virtue of its strong technical strength and excellent product quality, Jinergy was successfully included in the List of Qualified Suppliers for Photovoltaic Cell Module of State Power Investment Corporation, becoming the qualified supplier of two product units including monocrystal photovoltaic cell module and polycrystalline photovoltaic cell module.

The evaluation was carried out by the experts of the review group strictly according to the supplier assessment requirements of SPIC, based on a comprehensive evaluation on the performance, enterprise scale, production capacity and other key indicators.As a leader in photovoltaic manufacturing and an innovator in business model, Jinergy always follows the technology strategy of iterative development in production & manufacturing, product R&D and technology innovation, and insists on leading the industry progress with technology innovation, thus to promote the overall transformation and upgrading of the industry. Before, Jinergy has been included in MIIT list of enterprises for Photovoltaic Manufacturing Industry Standard Conditions and the list of national green factories, thus becoming a benchmark enterprise in the field of photovoltaic green manufacturing.

On the basis of the conventional technologies, Jinergy will also launch the high-efficiency polycrystalline half-cut module. This product can further reduce the loss on the basis of the original excellent performance. Moreover, both Jinergy’s high-efficiency monocrystalline PERC module and high-efficiency monocrystalline PERC bifacial module use the 166mm wafer, and adopt the half-cut and 9BB technologies, which can greatly improve the reliability of the module and effectively reduce the loss. And as a leading enterprise promoting mass production of HJT, Jinergy has realized the mass production of bifacial HJT module with large wafer, MBB and half-cut technologies while the integrated power output reaches up to 530W.

Dr. Liyou Yang, general manager of Jinergy, said, “Jinergy supplied super high efficiency HJT modules for SPIC in 2019. Its successful inclusion in the List of Qualified Suppliers for Photovoltaic Cell Module of State Power Investment Corporation proves that our technology level, production capacity and other comprehensive strength are highly recognized.Jinergy will continue to unswervingly follow the development strategy of technology iteration, constantly improve the level of innovative technologies, promote the overall development of the company, enhance our comprehensive competitiveness, promote the green transformation and upgrading of the photovoltaic industry, and achieve sustainable development.”