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Jinergy’s Best Effort to Ensure Production in the Fight Against the Outbreak

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Shanxi Province has scientifically and rationally formulated various prevention and control measures to comprehensively promote enterprises’ work and production resumption as soon as possible, thus to reach target output and produce at full capacity as soon as possible.As the largest clean energy enterprise with the largest scale and production capacity in Shanxi Province, Jinergy has conducted scientific deployment and task detailing to promote work and production resumption in an orderly manner while doing its best in epidemic prevention and control, so as to ensure the smooth production of orders at home and abroad.

It is reported that in order to meet the order demands in domestic and overseas markets, Jinergy has made precise arrangement of various protection measures to respond flexibly and promote work and production resumption actively. At present, about 90% of the workshops have resumed the production line capacity.Among them, the 47.15MW module order signed with TATA during the Spring Festival were put into production immediately after the resumption of work on February 10.In order to ensure the high-quality completion of the order on schedule, Jinergy’s two bases in Jinzhong and Wenshui cooperated in the production. And with the support of the government, they rationally deployed and made full use of the existing production resources, accelerated the pace of production organization, divided all the work to every day, every hour and every person, and finally finished the module production at the end of February.

Dr. Liyou Yang, general manager of Jinergy, said, “Due to our stock-up of raw materials and the strong support from the government, the epidemic has very little impact on the production and operation of the company. Since February 10, employees of the company have been organized to return to work in batches. Full resumption of work and production is expected in early March. At present, the company is focusing both on the epidemic prevention and control and the production resumption. While doing a good job in the epidemic prevention and control, the company will also ensure the high-standard and high-quality completion of the module orders.”