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Jinergy Attends PV EXPO 2020 with 530W HJT Module

From February 26 to February 28, PV EXPO 2020, was grandly held in Tokyo. Jinergy attended the expo with three major product series including high efficiency poly module, high efficiency PERC mono module and the super high efficiency HJT module, arousing high attention of the Japanese market.

As a leader of PV manufacturing, Jinergy has been committed to the innovation of cutting-edge technologies and the R&D of PV products, and providing customers around the world with more stable and more efficient PV products. The super high efficiency HJT module launched by Jinergy not only features ultra-low temperature coefficient, excellent low light performance and ultra-low degradation, but also owns the bifaciality as high as 93%. Compared with regular modules, this module uses the 166mm wafer, and adopts half-cut and 9BB technology, the front side power output of which is up to 470W, while the integrated power output is up to 530W.

In addition to the remarkable super high efficiency HJT module, Jinergy also exhibited high efficiency poly module, high efficiency PERC mono module and high efficiency PERC mono bifacial module. By virtue of the excellent conversion efficiency and low degradation, Jinergy’s high efficiency poly module has been applied in many “Top Runner” projects. On the basis of regular technologies, Jinergy will also launch the high efficiency poly half-slice module, which can further reduce the loss on the basis of the original excellent performance. And Jinergy’s high efficiency PERC mono module and high efficiency PERC mono bifacial module both use the 166mm wafer and adopt the half-cut and 9BB technology, which can greatly improve the reliability of modules and effectively reduce the loss.

Dr. Liyou Yang, General Manager of Jinergy said, “Japan is one of Jinergy’s major overseas markets. As we all know, the Japanese photovoltaic market has strict requirements on products and technologies, which coincides with our commitment to providing customers with high-quality module products and services. We believe that Jinergy’s high efficiency modules will not only win wide recognition in the Japanese market, but also lead the new trend of technological development in the industry. In the future, Jinergy will always be committed to the R&D and production of high efficiency products. With excellent and high efficiency photovoltaic products, we will provide customers around the world with higher quality products and services, and will also contribute to the global realization of green and low-carbon development.”