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Jinergy Attended PVSEC-29 and Became a Leader in the Industry with HJT Technology

During November 4 to November 8, the PVSEC-29 was grandly held in Xi’an. As the wind vane of cutting-edge technologies in the photovoltaic industry, Jinergy was invited to share the latest achievements in the R&D and mass production application of HJT.

Initiated by the International PV Advisory Committee in 1984, the International PV Science and Engineering Conference (PVSEC) is an internationally renowned academic conference involving photovoltaic technology market research, promotion& application and systems engineering, etc. PVSEC, together with the IEEE Photovoltaic Specialist Conference and the European Photovoltaic Conference, are known as the world’s top three PV events.

As the first domestic manufacturer to realize mass production of HJT, Jinergy pointed out that in the new situation withcoexistence of electric power bidding and grid parity, the super high efficiency HJT is one of the most promising next-generation super high efficiencycell technology, with mutliple advantages including high conversion efficiency and simple technological structure, etc. In view of the high cost, Jinergy has devoted to cost reduction from the aspects of conductive silver pastes, TCO target materials, velvet additives and so on. In addition, by optimizing the technological processes of silicon wafer, texturing, cleaning and metallization, Jinergy has steadily improved the product efficiency. The power of Jinergy’s fourth-generation bifacial HJT module superimposing large silicon wafer, MBB and half-slice technology will reach 530W.

Meanwhile, the super high efficiency HJT also provides an important enabling force for Jinergy to accelerate its global layout. In the past year, Jinergy’s overseas market shipments accounted for as much as 40% of the total for the year, and this year’s overseas market shipments are expected to reach 60%.