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Jinergy Awarded the “Outstanding Enterprise in Shanxi Province”, leading the New Pattern of Energy Reform in Shanxi

Recently, five departments of Shanxi Province, including Commission of Economy and Information Technology of Shanxi Province, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shanxi Province, jointly announced the list of “Outstanding Enterprises in Shanxi Province”.

As a major provinceof energy, Shanxi has been working hard to build a demonstration zone for the transformation and development of resource-based economy and build a pacesetter in national energy revolution in recent years. Therefore, Shanxi Province focuses on adjustment of the industrial structure (coal and other traditional industries), and is committed to the transformation of green and intelligent energy.As one of the “pacesetters” of the energy reform, Jinergy has shouldered the important mission of promoting energy transformation in Shanxi Province, and has written a new chapter for the high-quality development of new energy industry.

Since its establishment, Jinergy has always adhered to the technology strategy of iterative development, and relied on the high-end and large-scale advanced PV manufacturing technologies to conduct the layout, finally realizing the layout of three generations of advanced technologies including high-efficiency polycrystalline module, high-efficiency monocrystalline module and super high-efficiency HJT module.  Among them, the highest efficiency of super high-efficiency HJT cell has broken through to 24.73%, reaching the world’s leading level, and contributing to Shanxi’s energy transformation with innovative cutting-edge technology.

While yielding results in technological innovation, Jinergy also actively expands its global layout. At present, its photovoltaic module products have been exported to India, Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Ukraine, Singapore, Australia and other countries and regions,becoming an important module supplier along “the Belt and Road”.

Dr. LiyouYANG, general manager of Jinergy, said, “This honor is an affirmation of Jinergy’s comprehensive strength and development achievements, and gives us greater impetus for future development. The energy transformation is a long-term strategic task, and also a complex system engineering, which not only tests the ability, but also tests endurance and determination. In the future, we will firmly adhere to the development concept of green energy revolution and make every effort to promote the energy transformation in Shanxi Province.”