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Jinneng Group Promotes Supply-side Reform to Lead Energy Transformation in Shanxi

Currently, a new round of energy reform is surging forward in the direction of green, low-carbon, diverse and high efficiency with the deep adjustment of world energy layout. To accelerate energy reform pace, Shanxi is at the forefront. On September 27, the second Chinese PV Industry Summit Forum themed by “intelligence leading, industry empowering and integrating innovation” was held. Dr. Liyou Yang, general manager of Jinergy, indicated that as a big energy province, Shanxi was accelerating the process of energy reform and energy transformation. As a modern comprehensive energy group that actively promoted adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure, Jinneng Group foresaw the necessity and entered clean energy field.

Taking advantage of technology to realize transformation and upgrading, Jinneng Group promotes supply-side reform and builds an “one main, three supplementary and two new” industrial system by taking “clean energy as the main business, coal, electric power (power grid) and real estate as supplementary business and new material and finance as new industries”. Jinneng Group is fighting as the pioneer of Shanxi energy reform to realize the cleaning development of traditional energy, scale development of clean energy and coordinating development of industries and make Jinneng Group top-ranking clean energy company.

Technology innovation is the soul of energy reform. As the PV enterprise under Jinneng Group, Jinergy has been insisting on iterative development strategy, and finally realizing the layout of three generations of advanced technologies including high-efficiency polycrystalline module, high-efficiency PERC monocrystalline module and super high efficiency HJT module. Jinergy has built a mass-produced heterogeneous production line in the layout of HJT technology. Now, the average efficiency of mass production of super high efficiency HJT cell of Jinergy has reached 23.85% and the highest reached 24.73% while the bifaciality of super high efficiency HJT modules reached 93%.

High-end manufacturing level and technology innovation is continuously enhancing, meanwhile Jinergy is expanding economic and trade cooperation and communication with countries along “the Belt and Road”. Over the past years, Jinergy has successfully attracted worldwide attention by virtue of high generation efficiency of super high efficiency HJT module and signed several cooperation agreements. What’s more, Jinergy has made big breakthrough in overseas market, with products sold to India, Ukraine, Pakistan, Singapore, Korea, Japan and other countries and regions.

Dr. Liyou YANG said, “Clean and low-carbon have become a big irreversible trend. Jinergy will keep tight pace with the general trend of energy transformation to constantly research and develop high efficient technology to seek road for energy transformation. Thus, we will build a modern energy industrial system featured by clean and low-carbon, safe and high efficient earlier.”