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Jinergy’s Test Center Certified with CNAS Accreditation to Rank as “State Certifeid Laboratory”

Sustainable development of a technology-based manufacturer depends on standardized, normalized and technical operation. Recently, leading PV module manufacturer, Jinergy, announced its achievement in getting certified by CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment), indicating that its Test Center is equipped with internationally accreditated technical capability to offer testing services and officially ranked as a “State Certified Laboratory”.

CNAS is China’s only one and foremost authority to do laboratory assessment. Laboratories being granted with CNAS accreditation are regarded as “State Certified Laboratory” and listed among CNAS approved institutions.

Jinergy’s Test Center was put into service in September 2014 to accomplish more successful product testing and new material testing as well as to save the production cost of PV cells and modules. With first-class testing capabilities and management and consistent compliance to The Criteria for Accreditation and related requirements, it has passed the site assessment for CNAS accreditation.

Relying on powerful scientific and technological innovation, Jinergy is leading the industry in manufacturing and iteration of product development, with top 5% advanced production capacity worldwide. Dr. Yang Liyou, General Manager of Jinergy, expressed that, “CNAS accreditation will benefit us to further enhance our competitiveness in the market and lay a sound foundation for our expansion in domestic and overseas markets. In the future, we will continue to advance our testing capabilities and quality management, standardize and normalize the management of our Test Center, and offer reliable products and high-quality services to customers”.