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Jinneng Group in Clean Energy Expo China Shanxi 2019: Facilitating Energy Upgrading in Shanxi

Clean Energy Expo China Shanxi 2019 was opened on June 28th at China Taiyuan Coal Transaction Center under the co-sponsorship of China Renewable Energy Society, Coal Museum of China and Shanxi Electric Power Consultancy Center and with the honorable presence of LOU Yangsheng, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the CPC and Provincial Governor, ZHANG Jianhua, Head of National Energy Administration, HE Tiancai, Deputy Provincial Governor, and WANG Qirui, Party Branch Secretary and Head of the Provincial Bureau of Energy. Jinneng Group made a splendid appearance at the Expo and shared its experience in boosting the building of clean energy systems in Shanxi and leading national energy revolution, to facilitate the energy upgrading in Shanxi.

As a major coal producer and the first pilot project for energy revolution in China, Shanxi has accomplished a lot in advancing and adjusting its resource-based economy structure by increasing and highlighting the consumption of clean energy, adopting clean energy like electric power and natural gas in heating supply, and building a super low-emission coal power system and energy conservation transformation system. The latest data released by State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Company shows that consumption of clean energy in Shanxi from January to April reaches 11.59TWh, representing a 2.29% YoY growth of 260 GWh. The utilization ratio has been maintained at above 98% for several years. In particular, the provincial scheduling center has signed an agreement for centralized PV grid-connected system to establish a capacity of 6.477 GW, with a YoY increase of 29.02%. And the actual grid-connected capacity so far is 6.0885 GW, increasing by 24.09% on a YoY basis.

The Expo aims to drive the quality and benefit of energy supply systems in Shanxi, establish a clean and low-carbon energy consumption system, facilitate innovation in energy science and technology, deepen reform in the energy administrative system and expand cooperation with the outside world. Over 100 academicians, researchers and enterprise leaders from home and abroad were attracted and invited by the conference. There are more than 150 outstanding exhibitors from coal, oil gas, electricity and new energy sectors. With successful transition from traditional energy to clean energy, Jinneng Group has displayed several clean energies at the show, such as wind power generation, solar power generation, hydroelectric generation and PV manufacturing.

Under the strong support from Jinneng Group, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (Jinergy) has been devoting to shaping its competitiveness in new energy. A technical layout has been established with the large-scale mass production of high efficiency poly modules, PERC mono modules and super high efficiency HJT modules. According to Dr. Liyou Yang, General Manager of Jinergy, the Company has utilized advanced technical strength to upgrade its production capacity and motivate the transition from traditional energy to new energy agasint the backdrop that the whole province was reducing the outdated coal production capacity. So far, the Company is capable of producing 2GW solar cells and modules with technological and cost advantages, ranking among the top 5% players around the world.

Jinergy has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with TBEA Xinjiang Sunoasis Co., Ltd., and concluded cooperation framework agreement in production, study, scientific research, practice and application with Electric and Power Engineering College of Taiyuan University of Technology and TBEA during the Expo.