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Jinergy PV Modules Certified by INMETRO in Brazil

Recently, Jinergy received INMETRO certification for JNMM72-360/370 and JNMP72-330/340 high efficiency modules, indicating that Jinergy products are qualified to be top class PV modules in Brazil in terms of their high conversion efficiency and low degradation, which has laid a sound foundation for its expansion in Brazil and even the Latin American market.

INMETRO certification is released by Brazil National Institute of Metrology Standardization and Industrial Quality. It is a mandatory requirement to ensure the power generation performance of PV modules to be exported to Brazil. Jinergy’s poly and PERC mono modules have outstanding power generation efficiency. Optimized coating film and passivation earn them excellent resistance to degradation. Their degradation rate is still lower than 5% even after 3 times IEC testing.

As one of the very few countries with more than 3,000-hour annual sunshine around the world, Brazil is moving towards a more balanced energy structure to meet increasing needs for electric power and devoted to PV power generation. The latest Global Data estimates that the growth rate of PV will reach 14% by 2030.

According to Dr. Yang Liyou, General Manager of Jinergy, “Brazil is one of the most important PV markets with great potential in Latin America. PV power generation was the ultimate winner in the A-4 auction held by Brazil Electricity Transaction Institute at the end of last month. Therefore, PV market in Brazil appears to be more promising to us. We are looking forward to entering into cooperation with local enterprises and to winning recognition in Brazil and even the whole Latin America with high efficiency and reliable PV modules”.

In addition to Brazil, Jinergy has set foot in major and emerging markets around the world, such as South Korea, Ukraine, India, Pakistan and Singapore. Its overseas shipments in 2018 accounted for over 40% of the total shipment. Dr. Yang Liyou signified that, “We have been named as BNEF Tier 1 module suppliers for two consecutive quarters, which will facilitate the acceleration of our global expansion”.