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Jinergy in SNEC 2019: Module Efficiency Reached 21.9%

On June 4, 2019, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (Jinergy), a China-based technology-driven PV manufacturer,showcased three cutting-edge technologies in the 13th (2019) SNEC International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition held in Shanghai.

In the 13th Global Green Energy Leaders Dialogue held during the exhibition, Dr. Liyou Yang, general manager of Jinergy, delivered a keynote speech titled Driving toward and beyond grid parity, and during the panel discussion, he mentioned, Technology innovation is the key to grid parity and a more matured PV industry. Jinergy follows technology iteration and has made breakthroughs in terms of module efficiency, module degradation, module performance and bifaciality in order to improve power generation and bring down LCOE.

At the 4th Jinergy Developers Forum (JDF 2019), Gaofei Li, technical director of Jinergy, addressed Jinergy’s achievement in details. Both of Jinergy’s regular high efficiency modules (polycrystalline and PERC monocrystalline)demonstrate very low degradation by optimizing coating and passivation process, as well as strict raw material and process control. With demonstrated extremely low degradation and PID in Datong PV application front runner phase I, Jinergy’s polycrystalline modules bring more benefits for investors. Moreover, with bifaciality of 78%, Jinergy PERC dual-glass bifacial module generates 5%-25% more power from backside. Power generation and LCOE are significantly optimized.

In order to bring breakthrough to LCOE and realize grid parity, Jinergy also prepares HJT super high efficiency module. Featuring bifacial power generation, excellent low light performance, ultra-low temperature coefficient and degradation, overall power generation of Jinergy HJT module is increased by 44% when compared to regular polycrystalline modules. Currently, Jinergy HJT cell average mass production efficiency reached 23.79%, and efficiency of new experimental cells reached 24.73%. Tested by TUV Rheinland, module efficiency of Jinergy’s HJT modules has reached 21.9% and bifaciality has reached 93%

Right before the exhibition, Jinergy received its third China Top 20 Solar Panel Enterprises Award and second APVIA Technological Achievement Award.