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With Prominent Advantages in Market Competition, Jinergy's HJT Module Won "2018 Industry Top Runner of Photovoltaic HJT Module"

On January 15, “The Third Annual Meeting of TESTPV& Global PV Industry Top Runners Summit” was held in Jiangsu Province. At the award ceremony of “2018 Industry Top Runners in PV Market Segment” held during the same period, Jinergy won “2018 Industry Top Runner of Photovoltaic HJT Module” by virtue of its revolutionary breakthrough in super high efficiency bifacial HJT technology.

This is another industry affirmation Jinergy has got after winning lots of accolades last year including “2018 Top 10 PV Module Suppliers”, “2018 PV Enterprise Technical Patent Breakthrough Award” and “2018 Top 10 Leading Enterprises in PV Technology”.

As industry benchmark of China’s HJT technology, Jinergy’s HJT modules adopt N-type silicon wafer without PID or LID, and have ultra-low power attenuation value; these HJT modules have excellent weak light responseso that they can get higer power generation in the morning, evening and cloudy day under the same condition; with ultra-low temperature coefficient of -0.27%/℃, these modules can save34% of power generation loss compared with regular poly modules under the working temperature of 75℃ ; the double-sided and double-glass structure can make the power generation on the back gain 10%-30%.Compared with regular high efficiency modules, overall power output of HJT modules can be increased by 44%.

Jinergy has become the first manufacturer in China to realize mass production of HJT modules with the official operation of the super high efficiency HJT cell and module production base in Jinzhong, Shanxi Province. The maximum mass production efficiency of the super high efficiency HJT cell has reached 24.04%, and the maximum power output of 60-piece bifacial module reaches 370W. In the next three years, the Company’s super high efficiency HJT capacity is expected to reach GW level, and the production cost will also be significantly reduced, so as to cut down LCOE of photovoltaic power.At present, Jinergy’s HJT module has taken the lead to obtain the IEC New Standard Certification and successfully entered the DEWA List of the United Arab Emirates, thus being recognized by global PV market.

Jinergy has been following core strategy of technology iteration and has established three major product systems including high efficiency poly module, high efficiency PERC mono module and super high efficiency HJT module. Doctor Liyou YANG, general manager of Jinergy, said, “Under current market conditions, HJT technology is the most competitive advantage.The Company’s R&D and production in this field has made a good start for further reducing LCOE and significantly increasing overall income of power stations.”