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Jinergy Assissted the Photovoltaic Targeted Poverty Alleviation in Shanxi

In recent years, Shanxi Province has given some preferences to Linxian County, one of the ten poverty-stricken counties in the Province, in terms of industrial poverty alleviation policies. As a clean energy manufacturing enterprise affiliated to Jinneng Group, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (Jinergy) has never stopped supporting poverty alleviation. Recently, the 34MW Baiwen Project and 5MW Congluoyu Project in Linxian County supplied by Jinergy have been connected to the grid for power generation, and the targeted poverty alleviation in Linxian County has entered a new stage.

It’s introduced that the installed capacity of the two projects located in Linxian County is 39MW in total, and the annual electric energy production is estimated to be 50.7 million kWh after the project connected to grid. The income will benefit 7,800 poor households in Linxian County.

In addition, the 8.125MW photovoltaic poverty alleviation project in Liulin County also supplied by Jinergy has been successfully connected to the grid for power generation recently. The project in Liulin County includes 22 power stations. After the project is connected to grid, the annual electric energy production of the project is estimated to be 11.5 million kWh, and the income will benefit 1,182 poor households in 46 poor villages in Liulin County. 

Liyou YANG, General Manager of Jinergy, said, “Over the years, Jinergy has been attaching importance to the photovoltaic poverty alleviation and has made many achievements in Shanxi Province. Different construction environments and requirements request the Company to provide efficient modules and project solutions suitable for local conditions. In order to ensure the poor households accessible to reliable green and clean energy, photovoltaic module products with high output power and high reliability are necessary guarantee for achieving 25-year stability of the power stations, thus to escort the long-term operation of photovoltaic targeted poverty alleviation projects.”