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Measured Power Generation Gain of HJT Modules is Nearly 70% Higher than That of Polycrystalline Modules

Recently, Jinergy, the leading PV modules manufacturer in Shanxi Province, annouced that the measured power generation gain of its HJT modules was nearly 70% higher than that of polycrystalline modules. In order to further evaluate electricity generation performance of newly developed modules under different installation conditions, a new batch of module products have been installed again in the experimental power station and put into testing.

The experimental power station is located in Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, which is rich in solar energy resources. The experimental power station is mainly used to compare the influence exerted by different types of modules and different supports upon the electricity generation of modules. The empirical test showed that under the same floor area, the power generation gain of HJT modules installed with the fixed-angle support is 25-40% higher than that of the polycrystalline modules; the power generation gain of HJT modules installed with the flat single-shaft support is 50-70% higher than that of the polycrystalline modules.

Dr. Liyou YANG, General Manager of Jinergy, explained that after a reasonable analysis of the topography and construction costs of the project, the selection of adjustable supports and HJT modules would further improve the electricity generation capacity of the project, thus bringing higher returns to investors. In terms of its own characteristics, HJT has ultra-high cell efficiency and bifacial electricity generation performance, as well as relatively simple processing steps. In the future, with more mature technologies and improvement of mass production scale, the room for efficiency improvement and cost reduction of HJT technologies will further be expanded.

At present, highest efficiency of Jinergy HJT in mass production has exceeded 24%. Without resorting to efficiency-promoting technologies like half-cut, MBB and other modules, the maximum power of 60-cell single-sided modules in mass production is up to 332.6W, and bifaciality  reached 89.61%. In the next three years, the production capacity of Jinergy’s HJT modules will reach GW scale and the cost will be reduced significantly, bringing a breakthrough reduction in the cost of photovoltaic power generation.

With the accelerated transformation of the photovoltaic industry to high-quality growth in recent years, Shanxi Government has maintained high energy sensitivity and vigorously promoted the development of new energy industry. As a clean energy enterprise headquartered in Shanxi, Jinergy has been trying to take advantage of HJT to promote the realization of grid parity.

Dr. Liyou YANG, General Manager of Jinergy,said, “At present, Jinergy is devoted to cost reduction in the aspects of silicon wafers, conductive silver pastes, TCO target materials, velvet additives and equipment; and themeasured power generation data show that HJT has very competitive power generation performance. We have reason to believe that the HJT modules will become one of main driving forces for the grid parity of photovoltaic power generation.”