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Jinergy Made its Debut in Renewable Energy India Expo 2018

On September 18th, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (Jinergy), leading photovoltaic cell and module manufacturer made its debut in Renewable Energy India Expo 2018 (REI 2018) with high-efficiency solar modules. With global top 5% advanced production capacity and outstanding technical innovation, Jinergy, typical intelligent manufacturer in China, has been recognized around the world.

In the latest year, Indianphotovoltaic market has grown remarkably benefiting from the ambitious 100GW solar power target of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission. Statistics show that in first half of 2018, newly installed PV capacity reached 6GW in India and cumulative installed PV capacityreached 23.022GW.India is one of the top exporting destinations for China PV manufacturers and India imported 9.46GW modules from China last year. 

As one of the topPV module suppliers, Jinergy showcased three series of high-performanceproducts at REI 2018: 335W polycrystalline module, 375W PERC monocrystalline module and 430W ultra-high efficiency heterojunction (HJT) module.Currently, efficiency of PERC solarcell has reached 22.2%. Moreover, cell mass production efficiency of HJT products, which received global first certification under new IEC standard, has reached 23.5%.HJT product yield remains stableand high since bulk shipment in July 2017 and according to test sorting this March, HJT product yield hasexceeded97.42%, which makes Jinergy’s HJT products highly recognized both home and abroad.

Dr. Liyou Yang, General Manager of Jinergy said: "Technology is the fundamental driving force for industrial development, and to deliver innovative technologies to overseas market is a significant move for Jinergy to go global.India is one of the major markets in our overseas layout.” At present, Jinergy has been supplying high-efficiency modules to countries and regions around the world, including India, Pakistan, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, and Japan. It’s expected that in 2018 overseas revenue would account for over 30% of Jinergy’s revenue and the ratio was around 10% in previous years.