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Jinergy Shares HJT Solar Module Mass Production Technology in CellTech 2018

On March 13th, Dr. Liyou Yang, general manager of Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd ("Jinergy"), a leading PV cell and module manufacturer based in Shanxi Province, China, was invited to speak at PV CellTech 2018, organized by PV Tech, one of the influential media in PV industry.

In the speech entitled Mass Production Technology of Heterojunction Solar Modules, Dr. Yang mentioned that, PV industry also follows Moore's Law, with periodic and endless technology progress and iteration, cost of PV power generation will drop down and the market size and the whole industry will grow accordingly. It's estimated that in 2020, 7% of global power generation will be from PV. 

According to PV cell technology roadmap provided by ITRPV, ultra-high efficiency technologies like HJT and IBC(back contact) will grow dramatically in three to five years. In the sight of Dr. Yang, featuring by simpler processes, no LID, no PID, low temperature coefficient, HJT is the potentially ultra-high efficient technology to realize mass production.

Jinergy is the first PV manufacturer to realize mass production of HJT solar modules in mainland China. Currently, average cell mass production efficiency has exceeded 23.27%, and the highest is even up to 24.04%. Due to bifacial design, power generation of Jinergy's HJT modules can be increased by 10% to 30% in different applications, such as grassland, concrete floor, snowfield and reflective cloth. Overall generating capacity of Jinergy HJT bifacial modules is 44% higher than that of regular ones. Mass production power output of HJT 72-cell bifacial modules has exceeded 400W. Jinergy is also the first photovoltaic enterprise to receive the certification under new IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard, which has raised requirements on design and production of PV modules

"Confronting energy restructuring and FiT reduction, bifacial ultra-high HJT technology is the ideal solution to reduce levelized cost of electricity (LCOE), the widely used standard to evaluate investment of PV power stations. Technology promotion and cost reduction will both be priority for Jinergy this year. Concerning high-cost materials, such as N-type wafer, Ag paste and TCO target, we have made special cost-down plans including developing new conductive Ag past and constantly optimizing use of consumables", Dr. Yang said.