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JINERGY Exports High-efficiency PERC Modules to Roof Distributed Projects of Argentina

Recently, JINERGY, the leading PV modules supplier in Shanxi Province, announced that the Company had successfully exported 400 high-efficiency monocrystalline PERC modules to the roof power station project located at Buenos Aires of Argentina. It signifies that JINERGY’s constant efforts in R&D and innovation of cutting-edge PV manufacturing technologies over the past years have not only allowed their product quality to make a dramatic progress, but also won affirmation and trust from overseas clients by their excellent quality. Meanwhile, this is an important step that Shanxi energy enterprises have successfully made towards the international market and it also sets a solid foundation for Chinese PV “Smart Manufacturing” to march towards the international market further. 

The problems that block the development of Shanxi like the “coal-dominant” industrial structure and the “extremely high and single” liability structure have long existed in the coal industry of the province and got worse and worse. With the severe situation, the traditional coal province Shanxi is speeding up energy reform and transformation and tries to get rid of the “black GDP” fetters. To Jinneng Group, a large-scale modern comprehensive energy group of Shanxi, promotion of environmental-friendly transformation of Shanxi energy structure through its subsidiary company - the PV smart manufacturer JINERGY, will become a key topic for the long-term development of the Group. 

As an industrial-leading PV module manufacturer of Shanxi, JINERGY strictly followed the progressive development strategy and successfully took the lead to complete the iteration of three generation technologies in the domestic PV cell and module industry including high-efficiency polycrystalline, PERC mono crystalline and ultra high-efficiency heterojunction. In term of global layout, JINERGY made active efforts to introduce the overseas advanced technical team from the global perspective and seize the opportunities of the “Belt and Road” initiative. After taking the lead to win the bid of Sino-Pakistan Economic Corridor Priority Implementation Project, the Company has exported the high-efficiency modules to lots of countries including India, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil and Kazakhstan by dint of its global top 5% most advanced production capacity and strong technical innovation capability. 

Along with the accelerated transformation and upgrading of PV industry, the ceaseless iteration of innovative technologies has already become a key engine for PV enterprise to constantly drive the global layout. YANG Liyou, GM of JINERGY, expressed, “We’re very glad to cooperate with Argentina and it’s also the first time for JINERGY to set foot in Argentina and supply PV products for local distributed projects. To guarantee the smooth operation of the distributed roof projects, the project owner raised very strict requirements on conversion efficiency and anti-PID attenuation of the modules. The 360W PERC modules manufactured by JINERGY could fully meet the client’s requirements, firmly guaranteeing the long-term reliable operation of later project. In future, we will further improve, intensify and expand the firm and long-standing partnership with enterprises and governments of the countries along the route, bring Chinese first-class advanced PV manufacturing technologies to the ‘Belt and Road’ and even more overseas power station projects and work together with all parties to speed up energy transformation and optimization and facilitate the scale application of renewable resources across the world.”