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The Third Batch of PV Top Runner Promotes Technological Iteration – Mass Production Efficiency of JINERGY Bifacial HJT Exceeds 23%

On January 23rd, the Exchange of Top Runner Project Experience sponsored by China Photovoltaic Industry Association (CPIA) was held grandly in Beijing. Guests from governmental agencies, industry association, photovoltaic enterprises, power station developers and financial institutes got together to make an in-depth exploration of thehot topics, including the experience in implementation of the first two batches of PV Top Runner projects, planning and declaration of the third batch of Top Runner bases and the platform projects in the PVTop Runner Program. Qiao KaiDeputy General Manager of JINERGY,the leading PV modules supplier in Shanxi Province, was also invitedto deliver a speech titled by “High-efficiency Modules’ Promoting Effect upon PV Power Generation at Grid Parity”. 

In recent years, the PVTop Runner projects have a significant promoting effect upon industrial transformation and technological iteration and upgrading. Compared with the first two batches of Top Runner bases, the standard for building the third batch of Top Runner bases in 2018 will focus on the technological advance and cost reduction. PhD. WANG Shijiang, Deputy Secretary General of CPIA expressed that the implementation of Top Runner Program had significantly driven the technological progress, the conversion efficiency of PV cell rose by 1% during 2016 to 2017 and the figure kept around 0.3% to 0.5% in the past decade. The Top Runner projects have not only promoted the increase of cell and module efficiency but also improved the technologies of the whole photovoltaic system. 

As a matter of fact, the virtually endless technologicaladvance and iteration is one of the core theories of Moore’s Law. JINERGY has always adhered to the strategy of technological iteration and devoted itself actively to the R&D and scale application of innovative technologies, not only promoting the fast reduction of cost but also helping the early realization of grid parity. QIAO Kai said, “Among so many innovative technologies, ultra high-efficiencyheterojunction is the most potential high-efficiency technology. At present, the technical route is selected according to the stability and actual mass production experience. The HJT manufacturing base of Jinzhong has already been put into production and conducted shipment smoothly. In terms of conversion efficiency, the average mass production efficiency of HJT bifacial cells has already reached 23%, achieving the efficiency goal set up at the time of factory establishment, and the highest power of HJT72-cellbifacial PV modules has exceeded 400W”. 

In QIAO Kai’s opinion, the market this year will have a much more robust demand for high-efficiency and ultra high-efficiency production capacities. Therefore, while focusing on the application of cutting-edge technologies, constantly improving the power generation efficiency of high-efficiency polycrystalline and PERC modules and achieving the mass production of 280W polycrystallineand PERC monocrystalline 310W modules, JINERGY will also make constant efforts to optimize the mass production stability of ultra high-efficiency HJT modules and bring the mass production cost under control. JINERGY will implement the dedicated cost reduction plan for the high-cost parts like wafer, conductive silver paste and target material. It’s expected that the gap of the overall cost between super high-efficiency heterojunction products and conventional polycrystalline products will be 30% in the year of 2018 and further shrink to 20% in future.