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JINERGY Won the Bidding of ECADI for Tianchang 2nd Phase 40MW Aquaculture Photovoltaic Complementary Project

Recently, JINERGY, the leading PV modules supplier of Shanxi Province officially announced that they won the bidding of ECADI for Tianchang 2nd Phase 40MW Aquaculture Photovoltaic Complementary Project again after the 100MW 1st Phase Aquaculture Photovoltaic Complementary Project jointly built by them and PowerChina Bridge Company was merged to grid and put into use in last September. This marks that JINERGY once again wins the affirmation from the industry for their globally leading technology standard and industrial first-class product quality.  

It’s reported that Tianchang 2nd phase PV project covers an area of about 970mu and plans to install 40MW high-efficiency polycrystalline modules. It’s expected that the project will be fully merged into the grid for power generation in the first half of 2018. As the project is put into production, it’s estimated that the annual generating capacity will exceed 47,000,000 kilowatt-hours, equivalent to an annual conversation of 14,000 ton standard coal, creating an environmental-friendly energy environment for the local place. Meanwhile, the aquaculture photovoltaic complementary model of “water power generation and underwater aquaculture” has realized the value-added vertical utilization of land, exerting a demonstration effect for promotion of modernized aquaculture in local place. 

MA Lun, GM of Bridge New Energy Co., Ltd. of PowerChina expressed, “we have a long-term strategic cooperative partnership with JINERGY. In Tianchang 1st phase aquaculture photovoltaic complementary project, the high-efficiency modules of JINERGY were used. The current power generating data indicate that JINERGY modules are featured by high conversion rate, stable and reliable quality and good aftersales services, strongly guaranteeing our shareholders’ ROI in the PV power station project and setting a solid foundation for both parties to further explore the application of the high-efficiency modules in aquaculture photovoltaiccomplementary project”.  

GM of JINERGY PhD. YANG Liyou expressed, “in the 1st phase 100MW aquaculture photovoltaic complementary project of ECADI, we won the bidding for 100MW PV modules. We’re pleased to win the bidding for 40MW PV modules again in the 2nd phase. This not only powerfully proves that our quality innovation-upmost concept has won the recognition from the industry, but also drives us to continue taking part in various PV+ innovation activities in aquaculture photovoltaic complementary projects”.  

With the experience in developing Tianchang 1st phase aquaculture photovoltaic complementary project, JINERGY selected the high-efficiency polycrystalline PV modules featured by high output power, strong salt fog resistance and high waterproofing grade this time. While guaranteeing the stable and reliable operation in strongly humid environment, the PV modules also allows the combination of PV power generation and fishery eco-environment to make more value-added benefits. 

As one of the top 5% most productive PV enterprises in the world, JINERGY always followed the progressive development strategy of “production, pilot test, research and development generation by generation” strictly. So far, the company has realized the layout of three generation cutting-edge technologies i.e. high-efficiency polycrystalline, PERC mono crystalline and super high-efficiency heterojunction. Among them, the 280W polycrystalline PV modules and 305W PERC monocrystalline PV modules of JINERGY have already realized mass production and it’s expected that the power of PERC modules may reach 310W; the power of innovative HJT72 double-sided modules has reached 400W and the cell mass production efficiency has exceeded 22.5%, driving the accelerated realization of grid parity.