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With Focus on High-efficiency Technology – JINERGY Explores Industrial Development Trends Together with Industrial Big Shots

On October 17th, the industrially high-profile PVCEC2017 was held grandly in Beijing. The PVCEC2017, themed by “PV ushers the green life”, gathered the PV leaders and elites of all circles from home and abroad to explore the PV industrial development trend in the new situations, bringing the industry a spiritual feast that combined the innovation of industrial technologies and the exploration of business model.


As a professional grand meeting of numerous industrial leaders, the PVCEC 2017 set up various sub-forums including PV Leader Forum, Household PV Development Forum and Chinese Green Certificate Market Siminar, covering the hottest focal points and topics; The big shots that attended the conference included LUO Wen, Vice-minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, LI Chuangjun, Deputy Director of New Energy Division of National Energy Administration, XU Chaoqian, Deputy Director of High-tech Development and Industrialization Division of Ministry of Science and Technology, TAN Tianwei, President of Chinese Renewable Energy Society, and WANG Bohua, Secretary-general of China Photovoltaic Industry Association. Dr. YANG Liyou, General Manager of JINERGY,  the leading local PV modules manufacturer of Shanxi Province and the wind vane of the industrial cutting-edge technologies, was also invited to attend the conference.


Pursuit of technology innovation helps reduction of LCOE


In recent years, the installed capacity and growth rate of PV electricity generation in China took a lead in the world. WANG Bohua expressed in the conference that China had created the best policies of the world that could guarantee the successful development of PV industry. A huge growth was seen in manufacturing while a robust development was seen in the clients. In terms of installed capacity, the new installed capacity of PV electricity generation from January to September was about 42GW, a rise of 60%, while the new installed capacity of distributed PV electricity generation was 15GW, a year-on-year growth of 300% or more.


 “The development of the industry always brings us surprise. The practitioners have also been committed to breakthrough of the barriers and restrictions in the market, strongly promoting the stable development of the industry,” YANG Liyou expressed. “By 2020, with the upgrading of industrial technologies and further decrease of LCOE, we could usher the advent of grid paritty age. Meanwhile, the market participants will still face a huge challenge and we may even say that they may probably face a geat hardship the next year. We have to keep calm, focus on the R&D of high-efficiency cutting-edge technologies and firmly believe that the market will develop in a positive and sound manner”.


Meanwhile, in face of the overhigh LCOE, long profitable cycle and year-over-year decrease of national subsidy portion, Dr. YANG Liyou believes that China will achieve PV power generation at grid parity during the period from 2020 to 2025. At present, the improvement in every step is a tough job to complete. The decrease of silicon cost and emergence of various technologies including DWS in recent years once again prove the essential theory of Moore’s law – the PV industry will present the almost endless periodic technical progress and iteration. And we will always follow the law and facilitate the achievement of the grid parity goal. At present, JINERGY is committed to achieving the breakthrough and scale production of HJT super high-efficiency heterojunction and other technologies, and realizing the further great decrease in costs.


Dr. YANG Liyou also delivered a speech titled by “Progress in Mass Production of HJT” at the PV symposium held at the same time. As introduced by YANG Liyou, JINERGY selected its technical route based on the operation stability and actual mass production situations and Jinzhong HJT ultra highefficiency base has already been put into operation and production successfully. At present, the average mass production efficiency of JINERGY’s bifacial HJT cells has reached 22.5% and the highest power of the 72-cellbifacial HJT modules has exceeded 400W. In future, through the special reduction measures towards the high-cost parts, the gap between the cost of HJT modules and that of conventional polycrystalline will be controlled around 20%.