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Jinneng Group Ranked 41Among 2017 China Top 500 Energy Groups

Recently, the list of “2017 China Top 500 Energy Groups” was officially announced in the “First Annual Meeting of China Energy Industry Development” held in Beijing. Shanxi Jinneng Group Co., Ltd. was ranked the 41st position by dint of its operating revenues from clean energy, coals, electric power and other energy sectors in the year of 2016.


The list of “China Top 500 Energy Groups” was a large-scale public selection activity launched jointly by China Energy News and China Institute of Energy Economics Research aiming to clarify the energy industry pattern of China and determine the market position of energy groups through an objective and unbiased assessment. The ranking was made by international universal method on the basis of the energy groups’ operating revenues in the previous year. Compared with the last list, the revenue growth rate of the 500 selected enterprises rose again. The threshold was RMB 840,000,000, 0.07% higher than that of last selection. It’s worth noting that new energy enterprises included into the list outnumbered coal enterprises for the first time.


Based on the “1255” development strategy, Jinneng Group, as the key backbone state-owned enterprise of Shanxi province, has made outstanding achievements in building itself into a safe, innovative, green, effective and harmonious energy group. Especially in creation of a green Jinneng, the Group took a firm step in assisting the transformation of Shanxi energy structure “from black to green” with the great support of its important clean energy business sector, i.e. JINERGY. Since its foundation, JINERGY has always stuck to the rolling development strategy of “production, pilot test, research and development generation by generation” and has realized the pattern of three-generation sophisticated technologies including high-effiicency polycrystalline, PERC high-efficiencymonocrystalline and ultra highefficiency heterojunction. So far JINERGY has already achieved the mass production of 280W high--power polycrystalline solar modules. Its 60-cell 295W and 300W PERC monocrystalline PV modules have also been successfully put into mass production. It is expected that the product power could reach up to 310W. The ultra highefficiency heterojunciton technology of JINERGY has also made a significant breakthrough. The mass production efficiency of cells has reached 22.3%, the highest efficiency up to 23%, and the highest power of the mass-produced 72-cellbifacial HJT modules has reached 395W.


While makingconstant breakthroughs in R&D and mass production of high-efficiency technologies, JINERGY is also seeking opportunities in emerging markets and making efforts to exploit overseas markets. Starting from 2016, the company penetrated into South Asia, Central Asia and other countries along the “Belt and Road” to exploit the local markets by taking part in the “Shanxi Brandson the Silk Road” serial activities organized by Department of Commerce of Shanxi Province, setting a solid foundation for its exchange and cooperation with the countries along the “Belt and Road” in the field of clean energy in future.