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With Focus on Frontier Advanced Technology – JINERGY HJT High-efficiency Technology Boosts Industry Upgrade

On September 7th, the Frontier Advanced Solar Cell Technology and Application Summit themed “focusing on Jiangsu and taking the lead in future” was grandly held in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. LI Gaofei, Technical R&D Director of JINERGY, the pacemaker in advanced PV technology, was invited to attend the summit and conducted an in-depth discussion on the topics including the advancement and innovation of advanced PV power generation technology, frontier advanced solar cell technology and its application together with governmental associations, experts, scholars and outstanding business representatives.


Innovative technology helps implementation of grid parity and JINERGY takes the lead in the industry


 “Only when an enterprise enhances its investments in technology and product innovation can it achieve the initiative development; otherwise, they can only chase after others.” As pointed out by WANG Bohua, Secretary-general of China Photovoltaic Industry Association, “With the gradual development of the industry, the national “powerful control” has weakened, and using of technology to increase profits has become the core competitiveness of PV enterprises to maintain a relative fast development”.


High-efficient, reliable and cost-efficient have become the important labels of Chinese PV products and JINERGY is an outstanding representative among them. As one of the top 5% global PV manufacturers with the most advanced capacity, JINERGY has successfully reached the advanced world level in research and application of high-efficiency module. LI Gaofei expressed, “So far JINERGY has already achieved the mass production of 280W high-power polycrystalline products. Our 60-cell 295W and 300W PERC monocrystalline PV modules have also been successfully put into mass production. It is expected that the product power could reach up to 310W in future”.


Meanwhile, in the context of accelerative iteration and upgrade of industrial technology over the past year, the price of PV modules decreased nearly by 21%, PERC, black silicon, N-type monocrystalline, HJT and other high-efficiency cutting-edge technologies emerged in endlessly, greatly helping the implementation of grid parity as early as possible. In this respect, the bifacial HJT technology newly developed by JINERGY also takes a lead in the industry. At present, the mass production efficiency of the company’s HJT cells has reached 22.3%, with the highest efficiency up to 23%, and the highest power of the mass-produced 72-cell bifacial HJT modules has reached 395W. It is expected that the ground-breaking technology will enable the PV electricity generation cost to decrease to 0.4$/W in the coming 3 years.