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Jinneng Group

Jinneng Group Co., Ltd. (Jinneng Group), merged and reorganized with original Shanxi Coal Transportation and Sales Group Co., Ltd. and Shanxi International Electricity Group Limited Company, is a large state-owned integrated energy group with business in PV, wind electricity, coal, electricity, power grid, real estate, trade logistics, equipment manufacturing, new materials, finance, etc.

Jinneng Group aims to build itself into one of the first-class energy groups with the pattern of “clean use of traditional energy and efficient development of clean energy”. By deepening enterprise reform and business upgrading, Jinneng Group have established and improved the industrial system featured by “clean energy as main business, coal, electricity and real estate as supplementary, new material and finance as new industry”.

By the end of 2018, Jinneng Group reported revenue of RMB 103.62 billion and profit of RMB 3.53 billion. In clean energy business sector, cumulative installation capacity of clean energy power plants achieved 1.23GW, power generation reached 2.1 TWh and PV manufacturing technology reached world advanced level. In coal business sector, with 65 coal producing mines, Jinneng Group’s annual coal production reached 84.48 million tons and annual coal trade reached 165 million tons. Jinneng Group also has 12 thermal power plants under operation or construction, with a total capacity of 8 GW and annual power generation of 25 TWh, making Jinneng Group the largest heating supplier in Shanxi Province.

  • Thermal Power Generation 25TWh 

  • Clean Energy Power Generation 2.1TWh 

  • Annual Coal Trading 165 million tons 

  • Annual Revenue RMB 103.62 billion