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Jinneng Group

Jinneng Group is a large integrated energy group merged and reorganized with the original Shanxi Coal Transportation and Sales Group Co., Ltd. and Shanxi International Electricity Group Limited Company; its business covers a wide range of areas of coal, electricity, clean energy, trade logistics, equipment manufacturing, real estate etc. with the total assets of 230 billion Yuan.

Since its reorganization, Jinneng Group actively promotes the transformation and upgrading of industry restructure for the purpose of building an integrated energy group; by the end of 2015, the Group has 50 coal mines, 12 joint commissioning coal mines with a production capacity of 71 million tons/year; 23 coal preparation plants with washing capacity of 47.85 million tons/year; the installed capacity of coal-fired power generator is 4.582 million kW with 4.77 million kW under construction; the installed capacity of photovoltaic, wind power is 1.6704 million kW with 756,000 kW under construction, 500MW production capacity of photovoltaic cells and 600MW production capacity of photovoltaic modules; 133 million tons coal volume of trade; the diversified industries has formed such sectors as equipment manufacturing, real estate development, hotel and tourism, non-ferrous metals, high-efficiency & green agriculture etc.

In the "13th Five-year Plan" period, China's economic development has entered a new normal featured by speed change, structure optimization and power conversion, Jinneng Group, with conformation to the overall situation of reform, has proposed the "1255" development strategy: i.e. "To integrate & optimize diversified industries based on coal, electricity and clean energy and supported by trade logistics; to change the development concept, and development mode for the purpose of creating the first-class comprehensive energy group, and advance safe development, innovative development, green development, harmonious development and shared development; to construct a safe, innovative, green, effective and harmonious Jinneng.” In summary, "Focus on one target, realize two transformations, promote five developments and build five types' Jinneng".

For the coal industry, the whole process of mining, processing, transportation and use shall be green and clean; for the electricity industry, the power shall be used according to the principle of super-low emission, energy-saving & high efficiency and cleaning; for the clean energy industry, it shall be high-end and large-scale; for the trade logistics industry, it shall be modern, and market-oriented, information-based and logistics supply chain management; for diversified industries, it shall be integrated and optimized, to speed up the transformation and create highlights, strive to achieve 100 million tons of coal capacity, 15 million kW installed capacity of thermal power, 5 million kW installed capacity of photovoltaic and wind power, 200 million tons coal volume of trade; the diversified industry has formed such sector as equipment manufacturing, real estate, hotel and tourism etc., achieve annual revenue of 150 billion Yuan and tax of 10 billion Yuan.

  • 100million Ton Coal Production Capacity

  • 15million kW Thermal Power Capacity

  • 5million kW Solar and Wind Power Capacity

  • 200million Coal Trading Volume

  • 150billion Annual Revenue