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About Jinergy

Founded on December 31, 2013, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (Jinergy) is a global leading PV manufacturer and clean energy provider incorporated under Jinneng Group’s clean energy sector.

Consisting of PV experts from home and abroad, Jinergy’s management and R&D teams follows the core strategy of technology iterations. And through continuous technological innovation and lean production, Jinergy has reached the goal of edging into global top 5% most advanced and cost-effective cell & module production capacity. With commitment to global coverage, Jinergy extends business in China, India, Japan, Pakistan, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, Ukraine, etc. and supplies customers with high quality and reliable Poly C-Si, PERC Mono C-Si and HJT modules. Under technological innovation for industrial progress, Jinergy is bringing advanced PV manufacturing technology to the world and driving global energy structure transformation. 

  • Jinergy

    Committed to become a leading PV manufacturer and clean energy provider in the global market. 

  • Core Strategy

    Three generations of productions iteratively in mass production, pilot production, and research.

  • Our Goal

    We aim to edge into the top 5% most competitive cell & module production capacity with our technological and cost advantage.