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Super High Efficiency HJT Module


Super high efficiency heterojunction mono module

Mass Production Power: 415~435W

Jinergy's bifacial HJT super high efficiency module adopted cells over 24% in efficiency. It boasts over excellent low light performance, low temperature coefficient and super low degradation. And because of its bifacial power generation ability, the module has 10%-35% power increase in varied environments, and has 44% overall power increase comparing to regular modules.

  • Bifaciality >93%, effectively improving backside power generation
  • Providing 10%~35% extra power from backside in different scenarios
  • Excellent temperature coefficient and low light performance, extremely low degradation
  • Compatible with 1500V system voltage to reduce construction cost per watt
  • 44% extra power generation gain than regular poly modules
  • Advanced Production Process
  • Superior Quality Control
  • Excellent Power Performance
  • Stable Mechanical Performance
  • Strong Weatherability

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